Centro Ottico Megavision
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Megavision was founded in 1990 with its first store in Pontelangorino in a garage in the province of Ferrara, and then open a second in Pontemaodino a few kilometers from the first, until the great expansion in the late 90s, now we have 50 shops, fourth optical retail chain in Italy. Thanks to the passion and ability to combine experience and innovation, Megavision optical centers represent a reference point for many consumers seeking high-quality products combined with the expertise of staff.

Our mission is "customer satisfaction", which is not just a slogan but a continuous search for the best solution to visual defects the best price among the lowest in the market, guaranteed by the "short chain", then passing by producer to the consumer without any intermediate steps through internal production of ophthalmic products with German technology "free form" and careful selection of suppliers of prestigious Italian and international partners.

Our megastores are ready to welcome you in comfortable and familiar space with the professionalism of our optical-optometrists, there will always recommend the best solution to your needs, from large brands and exclusive designs at low market prices.