Centro Ottico Megavision
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At our stores you can find a huge range of eyeglasses and sunglasses, and all the best brands.

With support integral to the production center lens, the service is complete and virtually immediate. Megavision not limited to the reorganization, but offers ultrasonic cleaning, replacement screws, nose pads and terminals free if necessary.

Quality, assortment and speed always at an affordable price with a two-year guarantee on all eyeglasses and sunglasses. With Megavision always choose quality brands and selected signatures: that is why we can assure long life. Megavision offers a highly professional service providing free replacement of lenses with other types, in case of problems in tolerability within 40 days of purchase.

The experience and professionalism of our employees are at your disposal to satisfy every need.

Only here all the glasses you want!

Megavision philosophy is encapsulated in our 3 strengths, common to all outlets:

The range: the widest array of spectacles and spectacle lenses. 5000 exposed more and glasses, from the most famous brands in those slightly 'less known, for women, men and children, with classic models, sports, fashion and technology.

Service: A technically advanced assembly workshop, assembly guarantees perfect delivery of 'out of sight in an hour glasses.

Convenience: you can touch it, and the savings on the lenses, always brand, is stunning and the frames, both optical and sun, you will not be disappointed.

The stores stand out from the competition for the largest exhibition area of ​​300-400 square meters, with an assortment of eyeglasses and formidable sun, divided by brand, broad and deep of 5000 models on display, with the ability for customers to wear and try the desired glasses.

The sales staff is always ready to help and advise, but only when the customer wishes, otherwise the choice is free and without conditions. The assembly workshop, modern, integrated into the structure and visible to the customer, normally guarantees the delivery of eyeglasses in one hour, for corrections from 6.00 to 10.00 + sum sf./cyl.

Outside ample parking for getting comfortably, devoting himself to the choice without the stress resulting from an often fruitless search of parking space.